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What Are the Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is done in order to remove dirt, stains, and allergens from carpet fibers. Common cleaning methods include vacuum cleaning, hot water extraction, and dry-cleaning. In order to effectively do the carpet cleaning, one has to be familiar with the different types of carpet cleaning processes. The following is a summary of different carpet cleaning methods.

Wet Extraction Carpet is removed by wet extraction carpet cleaning. There are two ways to do this. Firstly, a foam pad is applied to the affected area. The pad is soaked with hot water which is allowed to stand on the carpet. Then the foam pad is removed and the cleaned area is rinsed. This method is effective for removing dirt and grease. It does not have as much impact as other methods.

Dry Extraction Method The second method is the dry extraction method. Here, a clean carpet is cleaned with water, then dried with a paper towel. This technique makes it easy to clean the carpet. However, it does not remove as much as the wet extraction method. The only drawback with this method is that it takes time to complete the carpet cleaning.

Microfiber Soft Cloth The third method is the use of a soft cloth. The soft cloth is used to apply a solution on the carpet fibers. The cloth is left on the carpet for several hours. After the application, it is wiped off with a cloth.

Liquid Nitrogen Carpet is vacuumed by using liquid nitrogen. Then the carpet is treated with a detergent and hot water mixture. The solution is left on the carpet for a few hours and is then vacuumed to remove all the stain.

Dry Cleaning A professional carpet cleaner uses a dry cleaning method for carpets that have stains or spots. The cleaning agent is mixed with cold water and left on the carpet for several hours. The process is completed by sweeping the carpet with a machine. After this is completed, the carpet is vacuumed.

Vacuuming Carpet is vacuumed using an industrial vacuum cleaner. The vacuum is used in the same manner as it is vacuumed over the floor. The only difference is that the carpet is vacuumed on the back and sides. The result of this is that the carpet cleaner can work deeper into the fibers and remove more dirt.

Soap Dry Carpet cleaning uses the same process as the above methods. A dry cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet fibers. A wet cloth is used to clean the carpet using warm water. After the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, it is left to sit overnight.

Another form of dry extraction method is the use of steam carpet cleaning. In this process, the hot steam of a vacuum is used to clean the carpet.