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Tips On How To Go About Carpet Cleaning Professionally

Professional Carpet Cleaning is a service that is usually carried out by specialized cleaning companies. There are several different methods available and it is important to select the right one. Some of the most popular methods include: Hot Water extraction (sometimes known as steam cleaning), extraction with absorbent substances, bonnet cleaning and encapsulation. Each of these methods have their own benefits and drawbacks, and it’s important to understand them.

Hot Water extraction (sometimes called steam cleaning) – this method is ideal for removing grease, soil and other stains from deep down on the carpet fibers. With the aid of a high powered steam cleaner, the dirt is released from the fibers. The hot water vapor is then extracted using a special vacuum. This technique helps to remove tough dirt particles and provides deep cleaning on the carpet. The downside is that the process can take a long time and cost quite a lot of money.

Absorbent compound – this method uses a special chemical known as an absorber. This absorbent attracts the stains but doesn’t remove the dirt. The dirt molecules are bonded to the absorbent and are then removed from the carpet fibers by a process known as capillary action. Most carpets can be treated with this solution, but there are some highly absorbent carpets (such as vinyl) that cannot be treated with this compound. If you have such a carpet, you should take it in for professional carpet cleaning.

Drying Time – professional carpet cleaners always use a drying time depending on the severity of the stain or dirt. Stains may need to be dried out of the carpet for a few hours before they are removed, whereas the dirt will be dried out over time. Professional Carpet Cleaners uses dryers that remove the excess moisture, while keeping the carpet cleaner. Drying times vary and sometimes depend on the severity of the stains or dirt. Always ask the cleaning professionals about the recommended drying time for the carpet cleaning process.

Rinse and Dry – the most common misconception among people about carpet cleaning is that all that needs to be done is to run a powerful vacuum over the carpet and it will remove the stains and dirt. In actual fact, there are a number of processes that need to be done to ensure that all the dirt and stain are removed. Any dirt particles that were missed during vacuuming will inevitably be left behind and if not picked up during the rinsing process, they will simply end up being ground into the carpet fibers.

Drying Time – this is a very important factor, especially if it’s been a long time since you cleaned the carpet. Professional Carpet Cleaners strongly recommends that the carpet cleaning process is done on an annual basis, and that carpets should be dried out in the sun before being returned to the house. For the best results, the carpets should be returned to the laundry room where they will be hung out to dry out in the sunlight. The sun is a natural drying medium.