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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is normally performed for removal of allergens, stains, and other debris from carpets. Common techniques include dry-cleaning, steam cleaning, and hot water extraction. These methods are effective in their own way but it is better if you hire a professional carpet cleaner to do the job for you.

Carpet Cleaning

The first thing to do when carpet cleaning is to determine the type of cleaning required. You have to know that carpet cleaning depends on the carpet’s material. The types include nylon, wool, cotton, jute, polyester and many more. Different people have different requirements for cleaning and they use different types of cleaning procedures. Professional cleaners normally have a wide range of cleaning methods and tools that they use. Some of them are mentioned below:

Steam cleaning is basically a dry cleaning process where hot water is extracted through the vacuum and then a steam cleaner comes in between the water and the fabric. It also involves some chemicals like chlorine, which helps in the cleaning. Hot water is also used in this process and it helps in keeping the carpet soft. However, there are various types of steam cleaning like dry, wet or even wet and dry. Hot water is generally used for wet carpet and dry for dry carpet. Dry cleaning also includes the use of detergents or a mixture of detergents. A solution is mixed with hot water and then the solution is applied on the surface of the carpet and left to dry for some time.

Dry cleaning also involves removing all the soil and debris from the carpet and then it is washed thoroughly. It is used to keep the carpet soft and clean. But before you hire a carpet cleaner, you should determine the condition of your carpet to see how clean it is. This is the most time consuming process and can take some time. Before you hire carpet cleaning services, you should ensure that you have all the information related to the cleaning process. You should ask for a copy of the maintenance report, as it will give you the idea of how your carpet has been cleaned and if it is still in good condition.

Steam cleaning uses the same method but involves the application of a solution which is applied to the carpet using a special steam cleaner. Vacuuming is another common method of cleaning. Vacuuming is done by removing the debris using the steam cleaner while it dries the carpet. Then it is rinsed under hot water. After this, the carpet is dried again and is then vacuumed in the same way. This is considered as a permanent solution for cleaning carpet.

Professional companies use high quality steam cleaners that have very high-tech attachments that have many applications and cleaning agents which are effective at their work. Some of the cleaning solutions are ozone and oxygen, bleach and antibacterial cleaning agents. Some carpet cleaning equipments are even available with water as a disinfectant. Vacuum cleaners are available that have an advanced air filter. It is also recommended to keep a record of the cleaning products used as well as the results of the cleaning process.